NOLA Resistance is a New Orleanian music collective comprised of noted Jazz and Funk musicians, each with years of experience and success in their own right. Their sound features big horns and funky rhythms accented with smooth vocals, and follows in the tradition of bands like Cool Enterprise, the Meter's and Chocolate Milk. 

The band’s debut release, NOLA Resistance, is produced by New Orleans-based Matt Dillon for MMD Music Group, in partnership with Brian D'Arcy of the Working Californians Research Fund, and is now available wherever digital music is sold. 

For more information regarding the band or MMD Music, go to www.facebook.com/thenolaresistance; for the Working Californians Research Fund, go to https://www.workingcaliforniansresearchfund.com


Brian D’Arcy – Executive Producer 

Matt Dillon - Band Leader/Producer 

(in alpha order) 

Blake Amos – Vocals 

Andrew Baham - Trumpet/Arranger 

Gralen Banks - Vocals 

Casme Barnes – Vocals

Ernesto Blanco - Vocals 

Christien Bold - Vocals 

Darrell Crooks - Guitar 

Charles Elam, III – Flute/Saxophone/Vocals 

Janet Evans – Vocals 

Aaron Fletcher – Saxophone 

Diane Ghogomu – Vocals 

Steve Glenn – Tuba 

Elray Holmes – Vocals 

Nayo Jones – Vocals 

Kevin “ UNSCRIPTED” Joseph – Vocals 

Darrell Lavigne - Keyboard/Musical Director 

Alexey Marti – Percussion

Kenny Neal - Vocals 

Ricardo Pascal – Saxophone 

Roderick Paulin - Alto/Arranger 

Nicholas Payton – Trumpet 

Curtis Pierre – Percussion 

Herlin Riley - Drums 

Jaz Sawyer – Percussion

Chris Severin - Bass 

Bill Summers – Percussion 

Terrance Taplin - Trombone

Case Woodard - Vocals 

June Yamagishi – Guitar